Carl Lamprecht

Designer, Project Manager


Carl is a thinker and an artist. His broad range of interests have lead him to study Paleoanthroplogy, graphic design, philosophy, art history and dance. He has a special love of well-crafted type and thought-provoking photography. In his spare time, he is involved in community transformation, enjoys camping and bombing down a single track on his mountain bike. He drives a Landy, rides (like) a Giant, shoots on Nikon [full frame] and is married with two gorgeous children.

Ben Olivier

Designer, Typesetter, Illustrator


Ben is “hardebaard” – tough as nails. He’ll tackle anything — be it the Cape Epic on 2 months training, the gruelling TransBaviaans 24 hr race on a single speed, or a 200 page insurance policy typesetting job. He is as focussed as a bulldog gnawing on a bone, and as dependable as man’s best friend. While video editing and typesetting are his bread and butter, his expertise stretches from interactive/multimedia projects to finding the gnarliest Jeep track deep in the Knysna forest.

Juan Verhoog

Front End Developer, UI / UX Consultant, Project Manager

Riaan’s Front End development career was kickstarted in Cape Town, where he honed his skills in the art of WordPress theme and plugin development. He currently specialises in ecommerce in Southern Africa, with specific focus on optimising online stores for mobile devices and South African payment / shipping methods.

Email link:; also see his own work at

Henk Cilliers

Designer and illustrator


Henk’s favourite saying is “Ja, gee maar” – “no” is simply not in his vocabulary. Which is a great asset in a field where deadlines are often unreasonable. His unassuming manner hides a wealth of experience and insight into marketing and advertising. He is a concept man, but also a doer, which translates into well crafted design solutions. He is passionate about maps, fine detail, original artwork, interesting facts and a good braai with friends and his dog Angus.

Email link:;

Christo du Preez

Programmer and Software Developer


Christo is the propeller head in the studio (also referred to as the IT guy, or Mr Coffee). Where ordinary people see pictures and writing, he sees code. However, unlike most coders, he also has the ability to speak in plain language, which helps the rest of us understand what he does (sort of). He writes databases, Cloud servers, apps for iOS and Android —maybe he even is one — although he has 3 human offspring and wolfs down home-made biltong while “trapping” his bike.

He can be contacted at

Jeremy Sealy-Fisher

Designer, Illustrator and 3D Character Designer


The love child of a polar bear and a ginger bread man, Jeremy wondered the urban wilderness of Johannesburg, surviving solely off a diet of cynicism and freelance illustration commissions until being taken in by the good people at Thought Sculpture. Now, enjoying the sweet air of the Southern Cape’s coast, he is a resolute designer and youngest member of the team, choosing only to express his ferocious nature on any steak foolish enough to enter his field of vision. While he studied 3D character design, animation and New Media, his toolset include most areas of visual design.

Email link:;

Desmond Scholtz


DesmondDesmond Scholtz has been taking photographs since he was 12. A qualified school teacher and experienced university administrator, Desmond turned his passion of several decades into a career when he moved to the Garden Route with journalist wife Athane in 2004. A good eye, excellent people skills and service excellence soon established him as one of the region’s top photographers. Specialising in media, Desmond’s photographs have been published in multiple community-, regional-, national- and international publications and on websites. His portfolio includes almost every subject imaginable and boasts hundreds of well-known faces, thousands of interesting people and places as well as countless events of all tastes and natures. His hard-earned relationships with multiple publications, public relations companies and other media providers, has established him as a coveted photographer and media representative in the Southern Cape. He has acted, among others, as official photographer for the Knysna Oyster Festival, Gastronomica Food Festival, Knysna Municipality, IRB International Sevens Rugby Tournament, Garden Route Mall, Mossel Bay Tourism and Karoo to Coast Cycle Tour. He also regularly contributes to publications such as the Sunday Times, Oubaai Magazine, The Herald, and Weekend Post – all of which had published front page photographs of his. A highlight of his career was a private photo shoot with former South African president Nelson Mandela at Pezula Private Estate, Knysna.

Desmond is Athane’s other half, and apart from keeping their son from near-death experiences, he enjoys the great outdoor, a good cup of coffee, or a glass of Amarula around the campfire.

See Desmond’s portfolio at He can be contacted at

Athane Scholtz

Journalist and Copywriter

AthaneAthane has 15 years’ experience as journalist, copywriter and communications specialist. Nearly a decade as journalist at community-, regional- and national newspapers has ensured intricate knowledge of the media industry, peoples’ politics and human nature. Not only is she a respected writer and distributor of effective press releases and vivid magazine character pieces, but she also produces succinct copy for websites, brochures, advertisements and other forms of media. Her love and knowledge of the Garden Route and its people affords her an unique understanding of the region and how it does business. Her established relationships with important local role players in the media, politics and business also contributes to her unique ability to communicate the very best message to the ideal audience. She holds a National Diploma in Journalism (Pretoria Technikon) and an Honours Degree in Media Studies (NMMU). She has also lectured journalism and communication subjects at Damelin College and the University of Port Elizabeth (now NMMU). Together with photographer husband Desmond Scholtz, she operates D&A Media offering services in journalism, copywriting, public relations (press releases), copy editing and editing. She is a moderator for the SA Writers’ College, presents media relationships courses to business owners, managers and media liaison representatives, and assists in the designing of media crisis management plans.

Athane and Desmond have two children (Emma – 11 and Nathan – 7). Her hobbies include reading a good book, while sipping a glass of the finest red wine, somewhere in nature. A tent and a campfire complete the picture.

Email link:; also see her own work at

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